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i went to the doctors and my knee is alright, it just has extra fluids and shit and i have to take medication and wear a brace when dancing..i look funny when i walk.
im glad i only had to go for half a day. people have been on me lately, giving me shit. not to my face but..
I thought where i stood with everyone was good, theres alot of people that i needed to catch up with and i felt like i had, everythings good, i mean everyone who i had problems with are good friends again..and its sort of better than before because i feel closer to everyone, and theres no big problems..but then it happens again. there always has to be a problem, maybe i should just go back into hideing like i was before because it makes no sense if people are going to be mad at everything i do.
and maybe people just shouldnt go by what they 'think' because they dont actually know what other people actually think. they could be all wrong.. i dont know, but
you cant just forget about friends, exspecially ones who would not just give up on you like that.
.....it pretty much just is constant misunderstandings..
chill with max mel katie? maybe this weekend?

2:00 p.m. - 2005-04-22


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