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so ive been very busy and rushed and havent really had much time to sleep or anything haha, so im glad its sunday and i can just sit around and sleep..
tuesday- missed dance for gay drama festival, but lukes play was on and it was pretty good, the other ones sucked.
wednesday- uhh went to one class then spent the rest of the day and night at drama fest and almost... i dont know, but it was boring.
thursday- slept in and then again spent the day at drama fest.
friday- spent the day at drama fest, and got ditched so i went to my workshop with katies friend. it was actually realllly fun.. uhmm went to melanies, and then we went to kellans..it was fun? and i had a crush on this boy all night, and still do? I got a phone call that night from drunk boyz.. cute?
then yesterday i worked and went shopppppping with my galll..and spent lots of my money. and we found these dresses at gap for 7$!?!?!?!?!? soo im getting one tomorrow! then uhhh so we went to katies house and got dressed up and made fun of her brother cause he is the fish manager at petland... well will be.. haha anyways we ended up going to lukes and having a fire, the guys went in the hottub so we went driving and ran into wyatt jane kendall and lauren so we raced them to kellans. after a bit we left to lukes but they werent there when we got there, they had gone to kellans, so we dropped off spencer and went back to kellans. it was fun. i love pam, shes always so happy and just i dont know, she was so excited about her bread she had haha.. uhm then i came home.
yesterday was a good day i think. having money and spending the day with katie, i dont think we have just her and I for a while. we are crazy, we took so long to get to kellans cause we could only turn right and katie was so determined hah
i still wish mel was there though.
today was good, i went to ice princess with my mom, it was actually ok, i cryed in it... this lady bought the figurskater new figureskates before she competed and her feet were all messed up and bleeding..the guy was hot.
we bought my brother a von dutch shirt, hope he likes it.

6:23 p.m. - 2005-05-08


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