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it was raining today..kinda glummy.. i was pretty glummy all day until katie asked if i wanted to go roll in the snow, we went outside and she said she wasnt to see "how wet the snow was" and got a fist full and shoved it in my face/ totally unexpected, but i must say a good laugh
last night cc went to southcentre and me and melanie bought dresses.. im really excited to wear mine, except its really short?! so i have to think of how i am going to wear this.
today i sorta bombed my quiz, but it was out of 9 but i dont know anything at all that we have learnt in trig because i have been away.. and i passed my coordinate geometry!!!!! so i was very happy
what else is new....hair cut tomorrow? maybe
i feel left behind by some of my friends..i always introduce my friends to my other friends but now some of my friends dont seem like they want to have as much to do with me as my other friends..maybe its just the warinty? if that makes sense..
today i saw a boy skipping to class.. he was cute
maybe i will buy one of those mini ant farm cases for melanie so she can put her ants in them..
i want a star wars slurpee cup

4:43 p.m. - 2005-05-10


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