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June 17th.
that will be the day, when everything will stop going from fast forward and back to normal again. i feel so busy all the time. and fed up, but thats only because coloring my design studies projects on photoshop is IMPOSSIBLE. i almost finished one today but then i colored something and it made all the black green. i pretty much had a hernia because i couldnt erase what i did. EFF.
my every fucking busy day
-try to wake up for school
-end up waking up like 3865X later then i expected
-run to bus
-go to class
-go home
-eat try to do homework (who am i kidding)
-go to either dance or work for the whole night
-come home, shower, try to finish homework.
im getting a ride tomorrow. i love getting really nice text messages right when i get off work.
work sucks. specially tonight, i worked with jen (shes the best one) but she seemed upset and i was rushed to try and put all the clothes away and we had huge ass garbage bags and man..it kinda went by fast though, and i have to work right after school friday.
tom is here. hes selling knifes, i guess he moved out and is living with a bunch of his friends. im sorry tom, but i dont like your hair.
i havent talked to my one friend for a while....or hung out. its pretty gay because i really want to and it seems like hes never up to it and theres these big excuses..well i dont know if hes making the excuses or... but its lame, i wish everything was how it was before, it was so fun and everyone was just chill with eachother, (with the exception on me)
anyways uh yeah, and i havent even seen melanie or katie this week!man like, i wish i could still go to JJ to our crib with CFC on wendsday but FUCK!!!!! this weekend will be fun. jobs? all three? how are we ..oh no oh no, atleast we all got steady cash incomes now!!!*^#&%#%@# im falling behind in everything, i didnt even get to see beauty and the geeks tonight!
i like everyboy
i have big crushes on alot of them.
and yes i will admit it, i do like harry potter.

9:53 p.m. - 2005-06-01


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