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i dont have any so..

blah blah.. i dont know the words to the song that is in my head but its from my cd of classic songs. not like classic rock. just like the ones you hear on the radio and you sing along to even though you dont know how you know the words..
its consists of...barenaked ladies, bryan adams, john mayor, norah jones, goo goo dolls..sting, bon jovi, and the song from "knock first" on the family channel haha.. and more, of those bands that everyone knows but pretends they dont listen to them but actually secretly download them to cd's and listen to them when they go to sleep. my brother made it but i stole it.
anyways.. first class of the day, i hope my day is exciting, but im sure it will be gay as soon as i go to english. chads so mean, and arrogant..and like turns everything on you even if its his fault..and when you try to tell him something he just goes "OH UH GEE GUU TA UHH HMM" really loud so that you can't talk. then hes just like PMS OMG PMS...

i might hang out with my friend after school and im really excited cause i havent for a long time, i havent really talked to them either.
me and mel took some extreme pictures yesterday, and me and max saved a worm

9:39 a.m. - 2005-06-09


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