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okok so school almost over, well not really cause for me in my mind its not done till monday, but thats still really soon.
its so frustraiting being the only one whos studying and not procrastinating yet im always the one who does the worst in school. i just pray i pass math.. PASS PASS

so today was a complete waste of a day, chad didnt even drive me home.
work sucks major bum. i dont work till who knows when and we have noo manager or assistant managor and we only have 4 employees two of which are new(ish)......
but i get paid this weekend so $$$$ bling.
all i want to do is see lords of dogtown. anyone.
im really excited for friday and my yearbook and my yearbook mate viewing. if our year books suck i will..be mad, and i hate bad covers. seriously all covers should just say WISEWOOD and thats it, no design..because all designs are fucking ugly cause our school is incapable of doing art..as you can see on our walls.
tonight is my last class of dance, im actually kinda sad....cause i dont know what my dancing plans are for next year and i didnt try out for young canadians. I guess my dance teacher phoned my mom to see..
oh got to run

4:21 p.m. - 2005-06-14


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