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party quebecois

im just sitting around cause i didnt go to the movie tonight..
i dont know i just didnt feel like it, or feel like seeing batman begins? or feeling leftout.
i hate when you dont know if people are joking or not??
i didnt do anything tonight, matt finished golfing early but he has to leave early tomorrow to go to a golf competition so we didnt hang out.
i like listening and watching mitch hedberg though. but i feel dumb cause i laugh out loud but im just listening to write now..so im just laughing and speakers and random cows that are on the tv. but the tvs on mute...oh lord
i wonder if he was serious?
i kind of hope, but probably not
but i dont know! maybe he is
ps. you all go and download some mitch hedberg

10:07 p.m. - 2005-06-24


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