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max 5?

im sick and tired
im finally home
i was so happy driving in and being like "awww home"..nice
my brothers not home though, so i dont get to give him birthday wishes or scope the new car again.
so saskatoon was sort of a bore, but hanging out with maile was ok..went to karas and drank with some 30 year old guy named O.T haha and he cooked us some steaks. then as soon as trevor came home we went out to the bar and stuff. the bathroom was kind of gross. anyways so i was allowed to come up with maile on thursday and she didnt come up at all, i think shes coming with kara later on. so we went to edmonton and spent two days there. yesterday i got reallllly sick and im so soar. then today im feeling better..we drove to sylvan and spent the day there and got burnt. ouchhh
but yeah
i wish people were more excited that i was home..even if they have to fake it.

12:11 a.m. - 2005-07-10


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