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maybe theres a movie on

why is everything so boring, and the fact that ive been having early nights are just gaylamespoopy
stampede today
im pretty excited, just to spend money and shit...and the rides i guess.
i hate how i wake up early and cant sleep in. its the worst feeling, being awake when you know you can be sleeping. and you always get up early the days everyone else sleeps in..cause no one is up other then spencer!!
awww i miss spencer, and luke and taylor and fnc even though i wasnt really a part of that. but i miss it.
i havent really hung out with spencer lately come to think of it..well ive seen him at lukes and stuff but thats not the same maybe i will ask him to do something.. or all four of us, but luke has camps and taylor yeah..
stampede stampede

i still havent seen eric.

11:13 a.m. - 2005-07-14


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