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i feel like a toy when the batteries run dead

yo harry potter 6.
i dont know why i get scared to phone people??...but i did call someone last night and im glad i did because i think things between us arent on the rocks as much?..which is good because i hated it and i wish i never did what i did, even though i was trying to make things better and i just made everything crash and burn. i guess you cant mess with fire. but it felt good to talk about usless things
i didnt do really anything at all yesterday, i couldnt go to american apperal cause i worked till 9:30 and then by the time i talked to spencer it was to late to go to his house so me and katie just yeah went to this party..it was kewlll except i was embarrased. i love how katie never gets embarrased like that, shes just all for everything and gets so excited. shes my hero
anyways today im off shopping with maile cause she has some dough to spend and i think i might have some too, but not enough for rock n' republic jeans hah..anyways so hopefully the boysss will come with so we have a ride, and then i dont know the plans for tonight i talked to alex f so maybe we will do something ~~&@%^%^$^!$~~!!!!!!!!!

1:34 p.m. - 2005-07-16


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