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worked so early today ..to early.
i shopped with my dad and got some threads from the gap i felt uncomfortable thought because katie didnt ring me in.
then i came home and met melanie and made craft dinner and mel and aimee made pancakes and then we went to my little icecream shop and got some good stuff but melanie got a bad server and he gave her the wrong icecream but shes to much of a doll to complain.
then we went to lukes, played poker that went no where and ended up watching zoolander. later we watched spencer climb onto the schools roof, he must be strong
fricken alex called me by accident even though he actually was. jeez, kids these days.
i work tomorrow and the next dayyyyyy and tuesday wednesday and saturday..
i want more shifts and more $$$$$$ chash money.
im so surprised that he actually appologized to me today, im glad he did and i hope he meant what he said, though he wasnt with his new friend so maybe he did

12:46 a.m. - 2005-07-23


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