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what the mail man brought

the last few days have been pretty fun...i dont really remember i will try to rewind..
okkkkkk so we finally got a group together in fish creek which was pretty sweet because i hadnt really seen any of them the whole summer...but of course we had to leave because of the rangers so we went for grub and talked and threw things at each others carssss..(melanie and pam got their licenses that day and pam just turned 16@*&*!^)
uhmm the next day we drove around cause melanie's intrepid is a cool crib. actually you can make 3 beds in it. then kellans then early nighttt
then yesterday we went to sykome or however its spelt. then me and katie went to taste of calgary. delicious, chinese and thia then we went to spen peeeeeees because he left today to van. then hes going on an alaskan cruiseeee that lucky son of .. and then me and katie and melanie leave and he comes back then he leaves to toronto then we come back. shit. but it was fun we played cranium. our crew versus tbones crew
i worked today, it went by sooo slowly, i have fun with jen though...i dont know mannnn. i got two 30min breaks and i didnt know what to do, so i watched belly dancing. then i got dressed up hawiaan and went to lukes (his sister was having a hawiaan party thing im not sure how to spell the thing.) but i guess my outfit didnt out due melanie and katie with their coconuts... we left and drove around till we found ourselves downtown some where on the 8th or 9th floor of some parkade. it was acutally pretty cool because there was this huge slanted wall thing and we all just sat there and talked and it over looked downtown. i love hanging out me katie mel isaac spencer luke. spencer and isaac are really funny together.
im really tiredddddd and none of the tvs or working so i have nothing to keep me awake.
i love being with boys.
and girls. but not in that way sickos

1:16 a.m. - 2005-08-07


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