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i drove past johnston while he was sitting at the bus stop today, i think that was the highlight of my day.
i was in a horrible mood and still am. i hate work, i should have quit today. i hate fricken foriegners who take fucking ten hours to decide what they are going to fucking buy and make it fucking busy and make everyone fucking mad at me. and i hate touchy feely people and when they touch me, and just how they are weird and uncomfortable. goooooooodbye suzy shier!! go make some more shitty clothes. even the one thing that would cheer me up didnt,

all i did was work today, how gay, and lame, i feel empty cause i didnt do anything.
max is down for sylvan, to bad we arent going
my cousins and my uncle passcouli come tomorrow, im so excited, two other boys are staying here tooo! hope they are cute. what a packed house. me mom dad scott mike trystan dylan uncle his girlfriend, boy other boy. and maybe kent
funfunfunfufnfunfufnufnfunf..but it probably means i have to give up my bed. and sleep in the basement. yikes well mike wants to sleep
later dayssssss

12:48 a.m. - 2005-08-13


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