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i only got one love

aimee is so cool. and hot, which we heard from greg a few two many times.
so i worked all day of course, then got off a bit earlier and katie came over. we ate alot...then went a picked up aimee and went and met up with isaac and spencer, i love those boys they are so fun and funny.
we decided to go to grants house so we stopped at everyones house, got gas got melanie and trecked out to the middle of freaking no where, we got lost a bit but we found our way..uhmm there we just hung out in his garage with his friends and this annoying chick tori that was insane and really horny and really sluty and made obsered remarks like "I LIKE YOUR PENISSS" "LETS HAVE SEX RIGHT NOW" "TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS" "HAVE SEX RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BE SO MAD AT YOU" and "IM NOT DRUNK AT ALL"
actually that might have been the highlight of the night. i hate how drunk people cant remember your names..like honestly, dont try if you arent going to remember them cause everyone kept calling my victoria..actually they knew my name which was akward and kept telling me to have sex with grant
i like where he lives
and i liked the drive
now all the girls are over for a slumba party
goodnight moon

1:42 a.m. - 2005-08-28


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