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i woke up sort of late today but it felt sooo early. i went to madelines and got my hair trimmed, well cut, actually cut quite a bit maybe even shorter then it was at the beginning of the summer.
after i had work and it was actually ok when agi was there cause i just cleaned out the back room and took out garbage and cardboard which took a long time. i got really mad at closing though because we take freaking forever and katie was waiting for me, JEEZ DANIELLA LIKE LEARN HOW TO COUNT MONEY. i seriously think i could do it faster.
anyways after work katie got me and we made the long drive to deer ridge? or i already forget what its called, but to grants house and austin (tarzan) and this other boy tyler were there and they were watching chain saw masecure..so scary i actually jumped so much and i am still scared because his house is in the middle of nowhere and its kinda the same settings as grants house. they had this like insense burning and i smell like it now. i kinda felt bad we were there late cause grant has to go to school tomorrow morning, not registration like actuallll school, how shitty is that?
anyways we peaced at 11ishhhhh and drove tarzan home except he didnt know where he lived but we found it, he has a nice house.. then we came home but took a really confussing way and stuff..
im excited to go to registration tomorrow with aimee and max. AKK i have the pic out what im gonna wear!!!&^#^% OMG. and of course i have to work right after.
uhm i think im going to hang out with melanie maybe tomorrow night. the last time we hung out alone was like..on the ride to aimees house yesterday..ok bad example maybe like before bc..like when we went to tim hortons.
i hope we go to sylvan lake.
im really scared right now because of the chain saw guy..spencer said i shouldnt be because its not real..news flash spenhh IT IS REAL..and hes going to get you and wear you face as a mask..so watch out
good night?

12:35 a.m. - 2005-08-30


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