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im watching sienfeld, everytime i hear the doo do doo do do, thing you know??..all i do is thing about aimee katie and melanie and car rides and stalking brad pit and trying to download that song!
i love my brother he was really nice to me last night and told me i could tell him anything cause i was upset and i just went upstairs but then he forced me to tell him hah and just was like blah blah brotherly advice. cute, i cant wait for moneen! sosoooososo soon
this new kid named kyle switched into my psyc class..hes not new just we arent friends, but hes really friendly and i think maybe i will be his friend!
i love getting text messages from nick, hes really nice, hes a good friend to have cause he cares alot and makes you feel better, and he gave me a sweataaaa
uhmm i made i contact with that really cute boy omgomgomgomg
what else can i say! i ate with johnston katie and kendall today. i reallllllllllllllly like johnston cause hes really nice and friendly and we were wearing the same shoes

4:40 p.m. - 2005-09-15


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