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why dont you just act normal infront of your friends, why cant you act like you like me, why cant you ...

my ankle hurts, i hate fights, exspecially when inman is in them.
yesterday after school heather came over and we just hung out until katie logan and matt came and watched sienfeld, after they left we just did nothing cause there was nothing to do.. so max and melanie came over and we ate, got money dropped off heather then went back to melanies then went to scotts party
so we went and it was pretty good, the perfect amount of people, and lots of them i havent seen for a while..but then later it got to crowded, it was still fun though. excpet for the fight i was in the middle of jeesh, why do guys head butt each other? then there was this boy laying in the grass because he was sick and i felt really bad because he was by himself so i sat with him for a bit, i guess he got kicked out of young canadians for stripping or something, so funny.
and then i went home but the busses stopped running so katie came and saved me. i love our little moments. i thought she would be so mad at me cause she stopped her car and got out but she just hugged me
alex knew taylor and talked to him for a bit..it was so funny, but then of course as soon i talked to him he got mad at me, and im pretty sure were not talking, you know what, whatever
and i saw liam at anderson, weird!

12:46 p.m. - 2005-09-17


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