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ok so last night was the best ever! i will give you the scoop
i was spossed to chill with katie cause she wasnt able to hang out on my birthday so last night heather was over and katie came with pam to come pick me up. we had to go visit her auntie at her hotel and drop off her mom but when we got there katie forgot the wine for her mom she was spossed to bring, so her mom said she run to the store while we went up..
so after a chat with the man at the front we went up to room 203 and when we got there inside were soooo many of my friends for a suprise birthday party!!!!!!!! i was so excited and surprised and shaking. it was actually the best ever like everyone i wanted to be there was [ johnston, katie r, katie k, aimee, spenpee, luke, isaac, derek kash, rhys, nick, sam, cam, alana, eric, jane, matt, logan, dave, ellie, dan, heather, melanie, kellan, mike, max, sam, robbie, pam, spen h, david, josh, tay] it was really crowded and hot but the everyone left to go to that grade 10 party which was sort of lame. it made me pretty upset because some of them i was really surprised to see leaving, like johnston and katie..i couldnt believe it i thought we were really good friends and theyde be someone to stay even if it was lame, and it wasnt lame, so it was even more stupid. but then night was awsome, got a new outfit that i wore, and somehow everyone else got a chance to wear it too, i got my first lap dance and i was soo happy too see so many of the people that were there, like isaac and spenh and derek kashh and sam and alana. it was sweet.
but yeah we just chilled and took pictures and people watched the sex files and i helped some sick people. oh and we had to unclog the toilet by putting condoms on our hands haha.
i kind of liked when everyone left cause it was all my really close friends and i knew that they cared to be there so thanks. and im glad tay and josh showed up that was nice
and thanks katiee for the night and aimee and melanie and pam! it was the best, actually best birthday i have ever had, and thanks for whoever came you guys made it awsome
but yeah everyone is just being ridiculous now,it just seems everyone has different outlooks on how things should be handled and how they think they handle them. but i dont want to get into any mess like that cause its just going to be stupid
life is how you live it,
and i have the best friends in the world; katie melanie aimee heather pam spenp and luke!
P.S i will post some pics soon!

1:03 p.m. - 2005-09-24


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