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im sure you know

i rented cinderella story, raise your voice, mean girls and sleepover, pretty hyped.
today was pretty good, uhmm i ran into this really cute guy and i think hes really cute, and hes taller than me, and i like tall guys.
also i like pysc cause i like passing kyle notes, i think hes pretty nice and easy to talk to since i only met him this year and he walked me to my bus.
uhm i hate when people drag things on,
and i hate how children are so immature in calm, its only a drawing of a penis being circumsized, like half of you probably got it done so grow up.
i dont get them like looking at a picture of a penis is sooo bad like omg i never want to see that picture again, even though im a guy and i do have a dick and i haul it around every day..
fuck calm
fuck boys and their dicks.
anyways i have a feeling tomorrow/this weekend is going to be steller!.. but i think i have to disect a pig tomorrow.
i have like 10 crushes right now, and most of them are random

4:27 p.m. - 2005-09-29


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