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found your journal mom

i am bored out of my mind... i guess its a good time to watch those movies..
my dad had to go to the hospital agaiiiin this morning, hes on a portable tube thing to pump anti biotics into him and when he did it last night the tube got twisted and instead of pumping it into his blood stream it went into the cavity of his arm and he arm was huge haha.. i felt bad thought because its just one thing after another and he seems like hes in alot of pain. sorry dad.
i just watch the last episode of season two of the oc.. i cryed, it was so sad, i really liked the song they played threw out it.. i cant remember where i heard it before though, i think katie has it or something?..
anyways got a ride with mike yesterday and they dropped me off at mels, then we met aimee and went for lunch then came to my house and played some star wars and piano then went for slurpees donuts then to spens. then we went to the mall for a bit and i saw caroline! shes cute, and then we went back to spens to play some halo2..actually my favorite game right now, me and spen were on a team and beat luke and taylor twice cause were that good.. actually only spen but
anyways yeahhh

3:40 p.m. - 2005-10-01


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