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ok my psychology class is super annoying this is how it goes.
row one:
jordan-ok but smart and makes smart comments
kyle- he just stares at stuff and distracts me
mandy- she has big hair but she is super smart, and im too scared to talk to her even though last year we were at the same christmas party.
row two:
some random- hes got like one dred in the middle of his head?
pam-what a bitch (JK!!!)
kyle(?)- he actually should be on jeperdy he knows everything and all he talks about is his iq. like jordan said i was an alien and he asked what kind, and started talking about how cool it is to watch giraffes eat?
alex- hes suppppper shy but smart and nice and cute and stands up for me, but i think he has a crush on mrs. dunn?!?!
dusko- he always talks to kyle behind my back cause i cant see him, but today i lied and told him i could see his reflection in the tv, he always talks about me and i asked what he said and hes like, i said you were and bitch and i hate you. what a douchbag. i dont even hate dusko? im not even mean to him!.. i think hes an alien,

anyways today was same as every other single day of my life. finally threw aimees old stinky lunch out of my locker, ate with my new favorite people (wyatt, kendall, lauren) then me and lauren went creeping. i like creeping with her cause shes qual.
what else,
im making cheap tuesday shirts!

4:24 p.m. - 2005-10-13


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