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i dont want to

that backpack is hidious..
can you even in call it a back pack?..can you even call it a bag?
yo chill tonight everyone.
today joel was bleeding and spitting it in a water bottle, i was almost gagging, but harry potter was so interesting that i didnt.
at lunch i saw kim talking to that guy and i was so excited and i saw her looking for me and we both saw each other and just laughed really hard cause were such girls. so i went to talk to her so i could secretly meet the guy but as soon as i walked up she left. oh well i kinda hung out with dan and i think hes really nice.
i got 91 on my cum sweeeeeeet
too bad i wasnt in pure 20, that would be the best thing that would happen to me, ever.
so today i saw jenna in mrs. sabrinas car!?!?! who hangs out with their dance teachers on a schoolday. i think they dyed their hair together, like sabrina dyed her hair blonde and had a big left over so she dyed a chunk of jennas hair blonde, then jenna dyed her hair brown and had some left over so gave it to sabrina so she could do a chunk. i kinda get mad at jenna cause she just acts kinda like shes too good, and her and kristi were really close but now that jennas like reallllly good, they dont really talk and jennas doing a duet with jessica joseph instead of her bff kristi! DRAMA
i keep on saying LOL and just always being so over the top when i talk to melanie
im like OMG i have like pics at 630 WTF omg, and last night i was like LOL amazing race is on but i have to shower, and i talked to her forever and all we said was yeyeyeyeyyeye
and then we were like DEREK KASHHH
frick, im in such a ranting talking about shit, like chitter chatting mood.
im so mad i didnt talk to that boy today, he always wears this green jacket so i can always identify him... im asking him to the school dance!?!?
uhm now i dont have anything to talk about
but i really hope i hang out with these people tonight and tomorrow ;
wyatt, kendall, lauren, mike h, maybeeee johnston (hes too busy 99% of the time) mela, krenz, rhys

4:16 p.m. - 2005-10-19


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