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yo cheap sweaters.
yo walmart
yo rhys and boys.
yo robbie not calling.
yo wyatt not calling.
yo kendall not calling.
yo not having friends.
yo not having anything to do.
yo guy in movie that looks like my 3 year old cousin.
yo so i had heather over and then rhys got us then we went to this girls house, emma, or ..oh no, emily yeah thats it..then i came home.
yo so frick i dont even feel like hanging out with anyone from my list anymore.
yo harry potter.
yo ed tv.
yo melanie having a half day tomorrow.
yo sleeping in.
yo maybe hanging out with spen but if he is hanging with tay and josh i rather hang myself.
yo his american apperal jacket that i want to barrow
yo dannys gstar shirt i want to wear
yo, i dont know even know what gstar means
yo is it gang star? like FUCK
yo being home early
yo not hanging out with the boy you have a crush on
yo, screw robbie i dont want to go to the dance with him
yo...the dance?
yo whats that guys name like tony yayo haha LOL yoyo yo yop yogurt y.... Image hosted by Photobucket.com yo these were/are pretty much the coolest guys. i havent seen spen or isaac for a while. i miss isaacs party pack

11:35 p.m. - 2005-10-19


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