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so my weekend wasnt that great, it was actually pretty depressing, i sort of wish i didnt go to edmonton.. i know thats probably the worst thing i could say at this point. My grandpas pretty sick, i could barley recognize him and he just wasnt the same, he slept most of the time we were there, or just kept saying stuff we had already talked about before. im pretty sure that was the last time i will see him, i would have rather had a good memory of him though, not seeing him so sick.
that just tops my list, i feel like a stress ball, im still upset about taylor, i dont think ill get over the whole thing that fast, its been eating me away.
im hoping this week is a bit better, the school dance haha.. no one can come to walmart wtih me though to get a costume, maybe scott can take me.
if someone i liked every did something really mean to my friends that really hurt their feelings i would feel so much different about that person, maybe id still like them but i probably wouldnt have as much respect for them as i did.. and i really dont feel like im getting that..and it just makes everything so much worse when everyone talks about how great the guy i am really upset at is.
i hope i get a job at gap.

8:24 p.m. - 2005-10-23


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