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yesterday was pretty fun..
had school, got picked up by mel and katie with aimee and we went to chuckles and melanie got a sailer hat..its pretty cute, and sailer would be such a good costume. then we went to the mall cause thats always where we end up when we dont know what to do, so we were there for a bit then went home, got max, went to subway, went home and dyed scotts hair, made some tatoos, did his eyeliner, went to school then back
we went to joey's for dinner, it was pretty good, i love eating at restaurants, the food is always good, i think johnston made my food. later we went to kellans. and i got d, and it was fun. we went to go beat up some kids in the field and i went with wyatt and hes such like a jolty turner, i felt so sick. i smoked some seesha last night with the boys and mel, i dont think i like it, just the taste, i can taste it right now, i can smell it, i smell so bad like apples.
nothing else toooo exciting happened that night, i had to take care of a friend, hit on a boy, walk home. i remember wrestling caroline haha. i remember calling everyone in my phone book. i was so scared walking home, so i called katie..we had a pretty good talk, she has alot of advice, and i still dont even know what to do.
i need nights like last night more i think i miss out on the whole bonding thing

11:41 a.m. - 2005-10-29


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