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i didnt really do anything at all last night, went to this pumpkin carving thing and couldnt find anyone to go with me.. well there was only two people to ask, spen was at work and mel had plans. so i went it was really old people and zach and his friend. so i ended up just playing halo 2 with them, i was better than his friend, i felt so good, but then zach kicked my ass. fuck grade 7's. then we left and i was going to go meet up with robbie and katie and stuff but i didnt. robbie made me over the top frustraited. he called and told me hed meet me somewhere and stuff so i called and was like k im leaving the place, want to meet somewhere now, and hes just like well i dont know what were doing. so i had to go home, then he called again and asked if i wanted to meet up. HONESTLY!!! people these days..oh well i guess.
today i woke up and forgot i could have gotten an extra hour of sleep! then i just sat around went to the library then went driving with my brother. then now i think project X with melizzle!!!!!!!!!!
im so excited.
you guys include me in the bondage

5:49 p.m. - 2005-10-30


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