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happy belated birthday luke gonis!!

i just got some good news but i dont know if i want to put it up cause i dont want someone to be mad at me..
anyways i have to miss dance tonight, which i dont want to, but i think i would have anyways, and i have to make a gameboard! shoot.
anyways im reading a new book, im trying to read 4 this week, im just finishing my first..the perks of being a wallflower. its about a boy named charlie that is always writing to his friend. charlie reminds me alot of spencer. i love the way he rights. even though it has some xxx parts.
today i wanted to have a nervous break down at lunch, i hate not having good friends at school anymore. i never have people that are going to make sure they see me or make sure they wait for me. i wish someone would just be like "guys dont leave yet, we have to wait for courtney" and if they dont wait then they wont go and they will eat lunch with me still..
yeah not gonna happen, its so hard to make friends after being at school for a year and a half. i did find robbie eventually after they came out of hiding and he went to go get pizza so i went with him and saw my love and comentated everything he was doing.
i should write a book..incidently i am! but no one can read it cause its really lame, but its already like 125 pages long, its what i do when i cant take listening to mrs. constable anymore. and read books. i think my calm teacher gets mad i read books, cause i sit right in front of her and the last week ive read like 3 books in her class. atleast readings not bad.
anyways i really got to go,
halloween was really fun! i like hanging out with caroline and katie..and i like carolines dad, and i like walking in the cold cause when you talk alot you dont notice that its actually freezing and your wearing tights.
i put my hair into a mohawk yesterday LOLOOLOOLO!

4:29 p.m. - 2005-11-01


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