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there is this lock thing that keeps poping up and as soon as you close the first one a second one pops up. but when i wait for the second one it never pops up! WHATS WITH THAT

i thought it was such a good book..
tomorrow im going to give it to spencer to read.. i think he'll like it? i dont know why i just think maybe it would be a good book for him to read. now im going to start my second. i dont think i can read 3 books this week, or did i say 4.. i dont think they will be as good as the first.
mrs.dunn lost my project today, i was so mad and spent my whole lunch in the library typing it out again, atleast i didnt feel lonely. but then i saw the creep boy sitting at a table across from me..the one who always looks at me in calm. hes not a creep though, i take it back.
nicks flying through harry potter! hes onto the third! im excited, even though its him whos reading it, hes joining the harry potter cult!

omgomgogmogmogmgom johnston/melanie if you read this BATTLE FRONT TWO!!!!! my brother was about to buy it today cause he thought he won the sports lotto thing, but he didnt. darn, were still probably going to get it though..i cant wait to fly in space..and be a jedi master!
ive been listening to music and every single song seems so fimiliar and like reminds me of a memory or something, but i can never think of what it reminds me of.
everyone go read the perks of being a wallflower
someone phone me tonight, i like chit chat
and i hate mrs.dunn

4:10 p.m. - 2005-11-02


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