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yesterday i read something out loud to katie r and meg and pronounced every syllable. i just remembered that and thought i was kinda funny. what isnt funny is how katie keeps pinching me right by my armpit.
im so tired. i know exactly what im going to do... you lay a towel down on your bath tub..then you lay all your pillows across on top.. then you make sure you have one for your head..then you get a really comfortable blanket (feather douvet prefered) and then you get all cozy and fall asleep!
go do it right now, and while your falling asleep you can say to yourself, who in their right minds would be doing this, and you can say..well i guess courtney.
i think im so tired im talkative? im so friggen talkative lately, and i get so bored that all i do is write in here about how im going to go sleep in a bath tub...and how today i won kyles spelling game in psych

6:26 p.m. - 2005-11-02


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