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i over reacted last night and i feel stupid..and i should, i really like talking to lauren..shes a good friend, and i love how when im upset robbie gives the biggest comforting hugs and makes me feel alot better.
i do really love my friends alot, i think i got some of the best friends, everyones so nice, comforting and trustworthy.. like what sort of friend would give you money because you pump your heart out and get beer out of a dry keg?
i think the best part of last night was hartys little brother doing a keg standed.
i thought katie woke up tagged this morning, same with caroline for sever instances
"caroline do you have to go home"-katie
"are you just going straight to work"-katie
"what"-katie..so she starts to retell caroline everything she just sayed "do you have to go home before work"
"yeah"-caroline... geuss you had to be there, she answered the question in katies story
"you make a wish at 11:11"-katie
"or at 12:34 you can make a vote or a dream"-katie
me and caroline start laughing 'VOTE???DREAM"-us
"no no no...i meant you can make a dream on it-katie
burst out laughing again..
ok so maybe it wasnt that funny but i was.
oh man
im excited for tomorrow.
and im excited for tonight
and im thinking maybe if i try reallly hard something might work out, or maybe ill just run off with a grade 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:12 p.m. - 2005-11-11


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