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mmm so pretty much yea.
i wish i didnt have dance tonight because i need a whole night to just do everything i need to do.
my brothers show on saturday. i feel really bad cause i told him id get a bunch of people to come, and i only got katie. so its me and katie, if shes still coming, and she better cause i dont want go alone.
i feel bad, i dont know, i just.. i hope it goes ok for him.
i have a tutor for bio now.
today i went with mike to mcdonalds and aimee bought be fries cause i forgot my bank card and im not joking they were probably the best fries i have ever gotten from mcdonalds. i guess they probably just taste better when you dont buy them LOL! I really like aimees hair, i want to dye mine like that.
im so excited to hangout with spencer tomorrow, we havent since.... last last last weekend? or not even, but it was with a group so it didnt count, but im excited to see the movie and maybe play some halo? and i dont know!!!!!!!!!
i love;
-my psych group/ project wearing togas and talking about zues hitting up medusa in athenas temple and getting her head shopped off and making a horse. with wings.
-Johnston crawford
-my brother and his band and singing to from first to last in the car
-seeing other people getting speeding tickets
-harrypotter 1 2 3 4 5 6

4:29 p.m. - 2005-11-24


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