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school was pretty much a drag today and i didnt even bother to talk to anyone in any of my classes. I did at lunch though and it made me feel even more infuriated than i already was. Why does everyone have to be so fucking opinionated? I understand if you truly believe in something and want to stand up or against something but why do people have to hate things just because THEY dont like it. and just because THEY dont like it its probably the worst thing someone one could like. just shut up. maybe other people like it YOU know other people like it so you dont have to go so over the top with it. I actually wanted to get up and leave, i almost felt embarrased.
and i cant believe you. i almost want to take back everything i said about you coming back. You arent someone i could look up to anymore and i hate that, and i wish you hated it too but you just seem so caught up in whatever to not give a shit about anything, anyone or anybody. but maybe its just me, maybe its just our friend ship that has crumbled? I wish i was still able to send you emails and stay up late and play star wars. but even that was a lie, you could have atleast kept that a lie.
just uggggggggg

I'm sick of always hearing
all the sad songs on the radio
all day it is there to remind
an oversensitive guy
that he's lost and alone yeah
I hate our favorite restaurant
our favorite movie
our favorite show
we would stay up all through the night
we would laugh and get high
and never answer the phone
I can't forgive
can't forget
can't give in
what went wrong
'cause you said this was right
you fucked up my life
I'm sick of always hearing
sappy love songs on the radio
this place, it's fuckin' cursed and it's plagued
and i can never escape
when my heartache explodes
I'm kicking out fiercly
at the world around me
what went wrong
I'm kicking

reminds me

6:34 p.m. - 2005-12-05


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