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i guess i can understand

today is the best day, because while i sit here just chilling out (before i was sleeping, in) everyone else going holy fuck i hate every single fuck face here. and its lunch now so i bet they have all started their bitching about harry potter and how scarves are so wack and spen and luke and tay will go an dissapear and so will everyone who can drive except for the people that dont have someone to go with. maybe thats why they bitch all lunch cause everyone i usually eat with are the people that are stuck in our shitty school cause they have no where to go. everyone can be such dick wads and dont care about peoples feelings. exspecially you and i cant seem to say that enough.
i think me aimee and olivia make a very good team though, we went for luch yesterday and i really like them
we cover
aimee:advice and gossip
olivia:funny and nice and just german
courtney: just talks about dumb shit
so our conversations are pretty much always going
i dont want to work today. at 4? i dont even know how i was going to get there anyways. If i dont get the 26 27 28 off then im quiting. i dont even care, i guess im just seasonal anyways. its a good job though so hopefully they will give it to me.
i think im going to go to the mall early so that i can look for presents for melanie and katie SHITTT
im scared? i dont know why, i hope its special. after my birthday i dont think anything could be as special as that but i want hers to be. shit
i was watching the jerry springer show today it was really funny. its title was "spaghetti hoes" i dont really know what it was about but its was just a bunch of fat people and girls fitting each other and having food fights. LOL!!! that would be fun. i think its an act though.
anyways maybe i should go do something productive, i have a long night ahead of me.

11:59 a.m. - 2005-12-08


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