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i feel so sore and sick, i really dont want to work tomorrow.

today was, pretty much any other day..last night i won solitare on the ipod i was happy.
today in psych i had to do my presentation, i was really nervous, anxiety! then these girls were all giggling when i was doing my speech and i thought it was really rude and i stopped mid sentence and just starred at them, then they stopped. fuck.
i think i can write an anami or whatever book or fuck i dont even know, all i fucking here is yugishoo hoo this from maryne and her friends, and all they talk about is how intense they are at neopets. jason was on the bus today, he seemed bummed, i wonder if he likes the friends he hangs out with? i mean, well i dont know about him, but hes not with the best people. but i guess i dont know him. he just seems like he'd be better friends with like robbie and sam or dan or something.
and thats pretty much it
oh, i love olivias nose ring!!! jealous!

and yo im so down for toga party!

4:23 p.m. - 2006-01-12


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