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i was just reading all my old journals that i wrote in last year, and when i look back i've had a pretty exciting and fun time in high school. maybe its not exciting right now, but when i will reflect on it next year it will be. like last year i did so much fun stuff, like ben powells party, and fnc, and going to shows places we'de never been in our life with mel, and sleepovers that involved singing in the streets, and fish creek, and having crushes on wyatt, and being best friends with eric, driving endlessly no where, going out for dinner, being good friends with max, cfc and always going to jungle java on wednesdays, the crud and how we would write in it weekly, campers village, pow wows, kins partys, being tight with derek kahminsky, how i loved hanging out with johnston and how we would play star wars battle front and hide and go seek in the dark in my creepy basement, chinese food and going downtown to meet katie after school, and always going to 17th and partys and just being so carefree!! It seems like i'm barely half as good as friends with the people i was last year. last year i would be hanging out at kristins with robbie and sean and kory and melissa, that sounds so weird. i guess im still pretty good friends with robbie.
It just feels that all of us are holding back? we're not having as much fun as we should be, everything could be such a bigger adventure. we should be more care free and not get all anti social because we can never think of things to do on the weekends, i mean we always have fun!
this year/ summer will hopefully be just as good, everything is behind me and im heading towards starting fresh, making new friends (or making old ones back)hopefully there will be roadtrips, endless friendship, a summer doc 06', lots of money, many visits to the parkade and lots of partying!

6:32 p.m. - 2006-01-16


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