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tutoring costs alot of money. i feel really bad, so im going to come up with 203.50 dollars for it. and thats only half of what it cost. that means breaking into my austrilia funds. oh the pain, but i can build it up right, just a little obsticle in my future plans of austrilia. a small hurdle. fuck saving up for this trip is like fucking climbing mount everst. never gonna happen.

i saw denis yesterday! it was weird because we havent talked then the day before he said hi then i saw him! he was at the travel place for his trip to where ever with who ever but it really sounds like so much fun. and then all night long all i could think about was road trips. im flippin' out im so excited!!

anyways, i just found out that spencer still writes in this, i knew he couldnt resist. he seems pretty mad at 'someone' in most of his entrys, and my best bet its me,
i love you spencer? seriously, and tony hawk will prevail it just might have to happen on thursday, and friday and saturday and every day until you leave to where ever for some gay band.
jkjkjkjkjk but i think we need to talk, about things, while playing tony hawk and watching the outsiders

i love when katie says "i know somethings going to happen, i have a feeling, and when i get feelings.." she makes me feel more sure of myself even when i feel like the dumbest braud thinking what i think

my uncle hoby is on his way over, i wish i didnt work, i love my uncle. "yo man, wazzz up gurlfriend" that what he said to me when i answered the phone. he has a really nicely groomed mustache and taught me how to tie my shoes. those are good qualities in an uncle, and we share the same birthday Fabulous!

you want to know something akward. you know that girl in bc, the one who was almost doing it in the pool with her bf and nick went and jumped in the pool, yeah shes most definatly my tutors sister, and they are always there,

but i have to go,
sweet dreams

3:53 p.m. - 2006-01-21


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