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yo man im trippin'

officially done one exam, and have finally passed grade ten math.
this morning was funny, i ate pizza with heather and dan and there was this guy sitting there and he was soooo high, and he was stumbling around and kept going to the washroom then would come up to us and be like are my pupils big? and like touch us, it was funny, so me dan and heather decided to go light up with him behind the pizza place and we all got so fucking stoned, it was the best, and we just stumbled around and ate alot, i fucking love drugs.
just kidding
but the guy was kind of creepy "chemicals are your friends". but i dont like when they touch you, alot.

i feel so relieved, a retard could have passed that exam, now for fucking biology and then im done exams.

and still all i can think about is road trips.

12:16 p.m. - 2006-01-23


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