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nice try

i wonder if people look at me, or my life and think of how cool it is.. but no one really knows that i secretly play star wars battle front II till the depth of the night, i guess only player number 2 knows.
but then again im sure no one looks at my life as exciting so!

Today i pretty much told my life story to kristin, and matt. im pretty sure kristin thought i was just another stupid high school girl.

i had a weird dream last night, i was on this blanket with this person at the park by my house, and we watched the stars, then we danced to "forever young" and then i cryed and the next day they left for a really long time.
ive been watching to much oc? that could be an episode
i felt like i was going to be sick today so many times, just by talking about stuff, it was weird
spencer never called me tonight?
im spossed to go to 17th tomorrow with kyle, i really want to buy a jacket! like spens

all i can think about is mystical creatures and unicorns

and so it begins

1:01 a.m. - 2006-01-26


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