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2 pees in a pod lol maybe 4 lol..in seperate pods lol

i love you,
i love that, im jealous
i love being someone on the other line

why'd we have to get fucked to shit by skinny tall lanky boys

today ben asked olivia if she wanted to make out, i thought that was pretty funny. olivia leaves in 4 day.. im really excited for pizza party!
im watching how desaju(?) mustard is made... its really gross, but in a way im craving some mustard. maybe i should start getting mustard on my subway again. wow it stays good for a year, and cholestrol free!
i loved johnston tonight
the oc killed me, seth, drugs.
i have to start talking with more confidence.. i have so much time to get myself back in gear

my best wishes "you get em' boy"

1:00 a.m. - 2006-01-27


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