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today was really good.
i woke up and played some star wars then took a shower, got ready and went to work, it felt long and it was long but adrian worked and secretly i love working with him because i dont know i have a secret crush on him.. JK. but anyways katie and graham picked me up and we (not graham) went to moxies and had brocoli cheese soup and chicken tenders (BBQ.. i like it hot!) and we ranted and dreamed of the future and made plan "febuary" im really nervous.
and then we came to my house, got changed and got socks, then my mom drove us to taylors, it was alright soo many people, and like weed it smelt really bad. scott was there so i talked to him and we ended up going with him and his friends alan and richard. they were really nice and welcoming, in that squishy car. katie drove. but she was bad (no affence!) well im sure she would have been better than richard, but then scott drove and we went to his house and played 007. i wont lie, i was the best one there. i got killed twice, by my own proximity mines. anyways yeah we just stayed there with him and his friends then he drove me home cause i have work tomorrow at 8! and im still up! frick! but over all it was a good night, i really like talking to meg shes so nice and tight! good times, even though were never together.

fuck i left star wars battle front 2 at scotts.
alan is a marrage counclor

1:15 a.m. - 2006-01-28


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