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if i could do anything

oh your so "innocent"
today ms.senger called me a valley girl and i was like wow, i must be getting into my character good. yeah right. (im a valley girl for drama)
today scott sent me a nice message and it made me smile!

i really like meg, we never talked as much in math class but now i talk to her and gossip so much! i also love all my classes with mike hunter because hes smart..and sweet.

im really excited for the oc tonight, i hope johnny dies, just kidding.. he needs a new hair do though.

yo this weekend is going to be so wack
friday work
sat work,..everyones at stars
sunday probably fucking work. oh and movie at the school, im excited for free food. i just phoned and talked to deanna because i forgot the schedules came out today and thought i might be able to get it off. i bet i work, i know i work.

i wish it was the summer so i could do anything i wanted when ever

4:51 p.m. - 2006-02-02


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