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i dont want to work, i get myself so hyped up on not having to close but then i realize its saturday and the mall closes at 8 and i work till 9. and then when my shift is over im just like fuck yes, and then i remember i have to work at 8 tomorrow morning

im really hungry. fuck so many people call in the morning, its not even funny. so if you call my house before 12:30 i am not going to answer. i only answer my cell phone because it is in hands reach. Las night someone kept calling me at three in the morning and i was so mad when i answered i was like WHAT DO YOU WANT. but it was only my brother locked out of the house

anyways. have fun at stars everyone. if anyones down for hanging out after i will be more than down

2:28 p.m. - 2006-02-04


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