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I love; my mom, dad, scott (yaya), katie, melanie, max, luke, spencer, spenh, kyle, johnston, lauren, wyatt, scott, alan, richard, richard, clayton, chad, mike, danny, nick, rhys, sam, sam, andrew, brendan, robert, robbie, sean, kory, caroline, aimee, rad

i actually got a candy gram
kyle is the best friend ever!
and spen!
and all my other valentine friends
i dont even know what to say to dusko.
but he did send me a candy gram too?
anyways my mom comes home from edmonton today, i want to go there really soon because my grandpas really sick and they just moved him to the hospis, so these are going to be his last days.
get better gramps.

i was watching ellen and it just showed this old grandpa talking about how much he loved his wike and his wife was in the audience and he came out with flowers and she cryed and i cryed and they kissed and i cryed.
i think the commercial where the two people on the escilator get stuck is funny. and they get mad because it stops and they are too lazy to walk. it reminds me of mitch hedberg. "escilators can never break, they can just become stairs...sorry for the convenience"

happy valentines everyone

yo p.s im so stoked on my april fools plan

4:09 p.m. - 2006-02-14


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