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ewww lloyd has a hard on

so i keep seeing this man of mystery everywhere i go. can i still call him mysterious?..i guess he is from sweeden, not cerbia. but he is just so mysterious!! today chris told me he was on the food channel one time talking about meat balls.
how mysterious. hes a cross breed of johnston, brice and kyle miller anderson
it was nice talking to mike today, ive never really had a talk about feelings with him. hes such a great guy, that boys really a sweet kid
Maile is stranded at the airport so i think im going to visit her, im pretty excited!
so uhm i really dont know what to think about guys!!
maybe i should stop thinking and start doing.
i will start with my paper of the french revolution. i love you king louis XVI and Napoleon

4:22 p.m. - 2006-02-21


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