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hey hey hey

mitch just looks so fimilar. i think i spent half the night and most of the morning trying to think of who he looks or reminds me of. hes really nice though. i really like all of those guys and tanner. last night was fun, and rowdy. me and katie almost got killed twice. we dropped off mel and couldnt get up a hill so had to roll down and katie couldnt stop, then we almost got hit by a bus and then we got stuck out side of alans house. tanner needed help pushing katie car so i went and katie was like "YOU BROUGHT COURTNEY" ...well she thought wrong because me and tanner get her car out. but yeah uhm it was a good time, i like not knowing anyone? sort of? i really like trentons hair.
im nervous for my date
today andrew worked, i tryed not to talk to him (im still mad when he was mean to me like a million months ago) but hes just so..charming, it was hard not to.
im sorry everybody when i say this, but i really cant stand donna mea. exspecially today. she makes you feel like a fucking 4 year old tool who cant do anything. I was trying to do this return/price adjustment and i she told me i was doing it all wrong and made me void the whole thing than do the same thing i did before. and it takes so long, and she makes me take forever and the costumers get so mad and im just standing there like, fuck.
so i made an oath with adrian that he would have my back
my dad wanted to have the sex talk with me, and then the respect yourself talk
i love my dad

2:27 p.m. - 2006-02-25


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