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its not like i dont like you, its just like im not really understanding or seeing why i should like you. cause you talk like everyone else or every other boy is way better, and like why dont we hang out anymore? i ask lots and you just say yeah sure and it never happens, i really would like it to.
and about you waiting for me to ask you out on a date or something? i was thinking about that and wondering if you would want to. before like when we first told each other we liked each other and promised not to tell anyone, it was reallllly awesome, i wish it was still like that. it just doesnt seem like the right time, and when it does, i feel like asking you but the next time we talk.. i guess im jealous. but seriously, i would like things to happen with us, it just seems like other people are in the way?
write me back please?
k though
do you understand what im saying though?
your nightmere

5:23 p.m. - 2006-03-08


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