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i havent gotten a real good cry

working for four hours in dead silence makes you think alot.
my mind is itching, its unbarable. It's hard to think about death, and what death is and what happens, its just all a guess, noone will ever know, and how do you know that your going to know when you die.
It's weird because when i was little, for some reason i thought you had time, right before someone died, to tell them everything and how much you love them and they can tell you everything about life before they leave. but really, they are in an indused coma and there is no real communication from them to you for the six weeks they are sick.
I know he loved me though, and i loved him, it's just going to be alot different.
i want to be a wanderer
and i want to go on a road trip like in elizabethtown.

12:43 a.m. - 2006-03-12


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