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everything is so different then it was last year.
alot of my friends have changed; ive made some new close one (lauren) ect. and dont spend as much time with a bunch (luke) ect.
It sucks sometimes because when you look back on memories and want to do the same thing it just would never work out because so many of those friendships and ties have been broken, by you or someone else. But maybe thats why they are the best memories, because you can't repeat them.
but sometimes you cant help but wish things could stay how you remembered them.
anyways on another note, i bought some long shorts today, 3 pairs, it feels nice because i have wanted some for soooo long. tight.
i think im getting my hair dyed tomorrow, finally, back to how it was last summer, blond. I dont know if i should cut it or not? back to being short? anyone have any advice.
So spring breaks been pretty dull, not too exciting, but you know what, im good at doing nothing and being lazy so i am all for it! plus i get to watch d3 and flipper and make necklaces from the beads i got yesterday..to go with my new shorts. AHH!
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6:46 p.m. - 2006-03-28


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