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a short night

I am so upset that Evan quit work. he was my favorite.
what also sucks is this shit load of shit i have to do, im going to be constantly busy this week, but not really? i think im just stressing out
NO WONDER IM STRESSING OUT its midnight and i still have to finish a position paper Ms.Senger assigned us TODAY which my partner didnt send me his paragraph so i just have to start making shit up and i will probably just end up not doing it and cramming it in during lunch period, and i still have to finish one of the math questions and i dont understand how im racing to get that done because me and melanie did friggen alot of work yesterday?
the ms.sengers study group that has formed is unbelievable! seriously lunch before any test theres like 20 people in there cramming. and tutorial or lunch before something written is due, all the computers will be occupied by her students.
im sure im exagerating a little, but seriously its rediculous.
im going to bed

12:18 a.m. - 2006-04-06


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