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her har hor

some things you may have or may not know about me:
i usually wear my socks to bed
i can't wear pajama pants to bed, only shorts
i always have to mosturize after a shower/bath
my cousin, micheal lives in my basement (for the second year)
i read regularly
i write, not poetry or deep shit, just like, you know stories
i keep a diary
i have a scrapbook on my life pretty much, odds are you're in it
i love dance competitions
i compete in dance
i used to love to run
considering i love to run, i chose to be on a floor hockey team rather than track
when i listen to my ipod before i go to bed i cant sleep until i turn it off
my brother studies rocks
i dont have my liscense
i dig harry potter
i wont lie, i love the spot light
i have 5 best friends.
Katie Krenz, Spencer Pidgeon, Melanie Keay, Heather Wasylchuck and Kayla Schwarts
i have an obsession with playstation 2 and gaming
my favorite conversations are about nintendo games
my goldfish died like, a month ago it was pretty upsetting
my favorite vegitable is asperigus
i wanted to be a dirtbiker (hah)
my favorite movies are stupid corny ones; anything like cheaper by the dozen, aquamarine, shes the man
my favorite types of books are fantasy and fiction, and those girl books about life and high school and relationships
i have a problem with people who take a long time to get ready
you are only my good friend when i am comfortable enough to wear sweatpants in your company
i scream really loud playing yatzee
i secretly love having family game night and inviting friends etc.
i have a saving account that i am going to spend on my trip to australia september 2007
i have never been in a real relationship
i always have to have my window open when i go to bed
i always have to have my blinds open when i go to bed
i love mtv
i love laguna beach
when im mad at people i guilt trip them
i rather have 93575 good friends than one, fortunatly i have a good mix

i am one of those people that cuts pictures out of magazines i hold grudges i keep emails etc. i have a hard time deleting and getting rid of things im really weird at dance and like annoying people i enjoy the outdoors and getting dirty i can't eat breakfast foods at breakfast my neighbor is danny shuman, and he probably knows more about me than some of my friends im a drama faggot and love talking about drama and am really hyped on drama festival i have crushes on the weirdest people im planning on marrying one of my brothers friends i look up to my brother alot and yeah

i cant really think of anymore
dance tomorrow, im so hyped, i bought some new tights and i get some new hair elastics tomorrow,
i bought second helpings finally
tomorrow i have a social test, then ball hockey then i am free
i am so excited to see all the numbers, exspecially manicans!

8:43 p.m. - 2006-04-09


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